DUDS Intro Course in acute abdominal ultralydskanning, including solid and E-solid

2. November 2020: DUDS Intro Course in acute abdominal ultrasonic scanning, including FIXED and E-FAST

Organiser: Dansk Ultralyddiagnostisk Company (DUDS).

Time: Monday the 4.11.19 from 8.30-16 o'clock.

Place: Rigshospitalet. Section C.

Price: 2,000 kr., which includes lunch, water, coffee and cake.

Course Secretary: Linda Schumann, Radiological Clinic, Rigshospitalet, 2100 Copenhagen Ø. Tel. 3545 3545. Linda.Schumann@regionh.dk.

Course Management: Over The Doctors Lars Bo Svendsen, Department doctor Hanne Grossjohan and 1. Reserve Physician Andreas Hjelm Brandt.

Target group: Doctors and nurses/radio graphs who see a ultralydskanner for the first time and want to start scanning the most frequent vaguely relevant, acute state of the abdomen. The course contains introduction to the fixed and extended fast trauma algorithm.

Content: Ultralydterori and application of a ultralydskanner, choice of transducer, Doppler, Introduction to ultralydskanning in the following areas: Abdomen (Gastro, agitation, retroperitoneum), accumulations/trauma (solid and E-FAST). Plus 2-3 hours of hands-on labs.

Course Form: lectures and practical exercises with the possibility to try out different ultralydskannere.



May 8, 2018