General Assembly in DUDS, 28-04-2006

Record of DUDS general Assembly (d). 28. April 2006. The Auditorium at the Zoo, Roskildevej 32, 2000 Frederiksberg.

1/Choice of conductor:

Bjørn Skjoldbye selected as conductor.

2/the Chairman’s report:

The President began by thanking for the just ended annual meeting.

DUDS is a great Association. There is pt. 786 members and last year was held 14 courses with 30-70 participants on each course.

Many clinicians have taken modaliteten to it.  In order to ensure a reasonable quality, has chosen to put up DUDS of EFSUMB ´ s guidelines that describe what skills you should possess.

DUDS are now working formally with the Australian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM). The newly formed Association is named CADUCEUS. Christoffer Brunshøj, PhD students from the RH has spent a month in Melbourne.

The President did advertising for Congress, the puncture International Congress on Interventional Ultrasound, which is held at Herlev County Hospital 12.-14. June 2006.

3/presentation of the audited financial statement for the 2005 v/Jens Hilligsøe:

It is seen by the budget. The tradition of offering students a year’s free membership of the DUDS have been expensive. It has cost a lot of money – not least the pga. distribution of Ultrashall.

It is also expensive to be members of EFSUMB.

For the above reasons, there has, overall, been large expenditures. At the same time, there has not been the major income, resulting in a modest deficit on the balance sheet.

The accounts have been approved.

Hans Henrik’s Fund has disbursed grants for 35,000 us $.

The accounts have been approved.

4/Budget for 2006:

There are currently 730 paying members. We expect to round 800 members in the course of 2006.

5/* Quota setting:

The Board of Directors proposes increased quota from 300-400 us $.

The quota increase is discussed. In some municipalities are spending on professional corporations tax deductible.

DUDS has always been a cheap company/additional company. Some are afraid that it will sort out the young people. Some believe that the benefits of being younger doctor with the scholarship opportunities that lie, is an advantage despite the increase.

* Vote on quota increase:

Quota increase decided by 15 votes in favour and 1 against.

The 2006 budget is adopted.

6/the election of the Chairman of the Board:

Christian Nolsøe re-elected as President.

7/the election of the members of the Board of Directors:

Lars Bolvig re-elected as Vice-Chairman.

Jens Hilligsøe departs as Treasurer after 4 years.

As a new Member is elected Tri Huu Nguyen.

8/ Choice of Auditor and Auditor substitute:

Nikolaj Borg Mortensen og Birthe H. Bech was re-elected as respectively. accountant and Auditor alternate.

Congratulations to re-elected and new members. Thanks to Jens Hilligsøe for active efforts over the past 4 years.

9/proposal for amendment of the articles:

The amendment can be seen in the last number of DUDS-magazine.

We want to establish continuity on the Board, so there cannot be great replacement at one time. In addition, an alternate is required, since there often lacks the extra “hands”. It is also an advantage to web and magazine editor is with at the meetings. The changes to be adopted at an extraordinary general meeting. This can be done by autumn meeting. This is scheduled.

10/new from EFSUMB v/Michael Bachmann Nielsen:

In 2010 we get Euroson to Denmark – it must be merged with the 10. puncture Congress.

11/new from WFUMB:

The next President of WFUMB knows a part of Danish ultrasound.

12/Orientation from the Association of Danish sonographs:

They are a small Association – but, despite this, continues to meet. The next time at the autumn meeting. The rates on dialogue and education, inter alia through external lectures. DUDS President calls for creating sonograf-contact through ASUM.



14/if necessary:

There stated praise for Michael Bachmann N pga. his thorough work on DUDS-magazine.

Thanks to Charlotte Strandberg and Michael Bachmann N for their great work with the annual meeting at the Zoo. We sensed that it had been a great success.

The Chairman closed the meeting and thanked for the good law and order.

April 28, 2006