General Assembly in DUDS, 20-01-2007

Minutes of the general meeting
Veterinary and agricultural University, Copenhagen d 20.1.2007:
  1. Choice of conductor. Torben Lorentzen was selected. For referent selected GF Mette marklund
  2. Chairmans report. President Christian Nolsøe explained the Board’s attempt to expand the course offer, so that it responds to the growing demand from both medical and non-medical health professional groups. Last year 11 courses were held and a Conference (with more than 200 participants). Since ultrasound scan has gradually spread to a number of different specialties, it is important to clarify some framework for how one carries out the various areas sufficiently. Course Committee’s previous President Michael Bachmann N takkedes for his actions as he withdraws from the Chair (but he remains Drs representative on the Committee). New President is Bjorn Skjoldbye. Free membership in the context of the course participation is changed, so the magazine Ultraschall first received when you paid membership fee for the first time. Activities in CADUCEIUS the auspices was reviewed. The President recalled His Henry’s Fund and CADUCEUS Fund, which is the deadline for the end of May.
  3. Presentation of the audited accounts. Tri Nguyen Huu reviewed the accounts for 2006, which showed a negative asset value movement on us. 124,033 (in part due to. Exchange rate losses) and an operating deficit of $. 91,908. This fact is partially conditioned by imbalance between registered members (who receive Ultraschall, DUDS-the magazine, membership of EFSUMB) and contingent payments, how many apparently paying quota under the old tariff. This is being done in a lot of effort to get to grips with for the next budget year, inter alia. by changes in the free membership in connection with course participation (as explained under point 2). In addition, members are encouraged to check whether they pay the membership fee after the old or the new tariff. The accounts were adopted.

The financial statements of His Henry’s Fund was reviewed.

There were proposals for advertising in the magazine and that magazine-DUDS could be broadcast via e-mail to save money. The few who could not or wanted to receive the magazine electronically should continue to have access to get it sent by regular mail.

  1. Budget 2007. Tri Huu Nguyen presented a balanced budget. The budget was adopted.
  2. Quota setting. The quota was unchanged at us $. 400 per year.
  3. Selection of the next Chairman of the Board in accordance with § 6 of the DUDS ‘ statutes. Vice-President Lars Bolvig was selected as the “next President”.
  4. Choice of Board member.
    1. Ulrich F430 was re-elected.
    2. Vibeke Dabelsteen departed as non-medical representative after 2 + 2 year term and was through with applause. Karl Erik Stovgaard, radiographer, x-ray Department, Vejle Sygehus was elected as the new non-medical representative.
    3. Tri Huu Nguyen wanted to withdraw from the Board after one year as Treasurer. Torben Lorentzen, MD, PhD, in gastroenterologisk afd D, Herlev Hospital, was elected as a new Board member and Treasurer.
  5. Election of alternate members of the Board of directors pursuant to section 6. Look Chin, senior medical officer, abdominalkirurgisk Department Bispebjerg Hospital was elected as an alternate member.
  6. Choice of Auditor and Auditor alternate. Both auditor and statutory auditor alternate was re-elected, respectively, Nikolaj Borg Mogensen og Birthe H. Bech
  7. Management of assets of the DUDS. The new Treasurer Torben Lorentzen presented for its consideration of the management of the company’s assets.
  8. Orientation from EFSUMB. Christian Nolsøe outlined activities in EFSUMB. In 2010, Denmark, according to plan, will again be hosting the Euroson. Michael Bachmann N have done a great job in order to attract EFSUMB Congress again. The President would like to thank you for the effort.
  9. Orientation of WFUMB. Søren Hancke presented the activities of WFUMB (who is the Association of the 6 federationer from Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia and Africa). There are currently approximately. 50,000 individual members. The aim is, among other things. to promote cooperation, research and method development as well as to contribute to the formation of national companies. For the time being, there is in particular a focus on security and the journal “Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology” is due out soon with a number, which exclusively deals with this topic.
  10. Orientation from the Association of Danish Sonographs. Vibeke Dabelsteen presented the activities of Danish Sonographs. The last meeting was in connection with the autumn meeting in Aarhus. There were not so many attendees, but the work continues.
  11. Received No suggestions.
  12. It is discussed whether there is a need for a price differentiation in connection with DUDS annual meeting, since there are several younger colleagues who cannot recoup the cost through the Chambers. There are varying opinions on whether you should register for free lectures to achieve price reduction. A price differentiation will also make it possible to bring interested colleagues. Discussing whether or not it is necessary to have foreign lecturers, and opinions are divided. It is a concern that the fresh breath from foreign radiologists can be professionally stimulating.
  13. The conductor thanked for good order.
November 20, 2007