General Assembly in DUDS, 16-04-2009

Minutes from the AGM held in Aarhus 16.04.2009 DUDS
  1. Choice of conductor

Torben Lorentzen was selected

  1. Presentation of the Chairman’s report

Lars Bolvig had already issued a written report (see below), this was elaborated specially mhp training which is a major challenge for DUDS since more and more clinicians want to ultralydskanne. DUDS will via education create a framework for this.

  1. Presentation of the audited financial statement

Torben Lorentzen presented the audited financial statement for the DUDS and HHH Fund (see below)

  1. Quota setting. The Board is proposing the quota increased from 400 to 450.-us. pr. year pga. rising price of Ultraschall


  1. Choice of Board member. Ulrich F430 has been Secretary of the 2 + 2

years, and may not be re-elected. The Board of Directors proposes Erik Sloth as new

Board member and Secretary


  1. Choice of Board member. Radio graf Kalle is on the elections after 2 years. Yes,

is prepared for re-election


  1. The choice of an alternate member of the Board of Directors. Look the Chin is on the elections after 2 years.

She is willing for re-election


  1. Choice of Auditor and accountant representative. The Board of Directors proposes re-election

by Nicolaj Borg Mogensen and Mette Charlotte marklund.


  1. Change in DUDS-laws (statutes, see below),

Adopted, the changes should, however, (according to the articles of Association) up on yet another general Assembly before the final adoption

  1. EFSUMB, Christian Nolsøe (not present).
  2. WFUMB, Søren Hancke (not present)
  3. Danish Sonographs, Kalle (not present)
  4. Where appropriate,

Ulrich F430 was thanked for his 4 years as a Secretary in DUDS.

         DUDS has set up a Committee to look at the documentation of ultralydskanninger, Søren Torp-Pedersen is the Chairman of this Committee.

Chairmans report

First of all, I would like to thank the Board of Directors for the great work that is created through 2008.

The magazine has gotten a boost on DUDS lay-out since thanks to our new Editor Sue Mark LAD’s hard work. We have discussed a lot about the possibility of an electronic version of the DUDS magazine.

Ulrich F430 is leaving the Board after 4 years as a Secretary and we thank you for the good and constructive cooperation.

Christian Nolsøe has made considerable efforts as next President of EFSUMB and with preparations for EUROSON 2010 in Copenhagen.

We have been a part of the year with training and quality assurance within ultralydområdet.

Many clinicians want to use ultrasound as a tool in their daily clinical work and the benefits of this are obvious. Education is, however, an important part of quality assurance. EFSUMB has rules for some of the specialities; but many clinicians believe that these rules are too extensive for it “they’ll use ultrasound to”. “Guidelines for minimum training” starts with a Level 1 (lowest level). There is a desire to introduce a “Level ½” or “Intro-level”, which also must give permission to use ultrasound at a level that is acceptable to a few DUDS ´ s recognition.

DUDS ´ s course committees are working on with the issue in cooperation with interested clinicians (enthusiasts).

DUDS has in 2008 created guidelines for Musculoskeletal Ultrasound-competencies for EFSUMB.

Danish Association of Physiotherapists in collaboration with DUDS created a special course which suits the needs physiotherapists. It is true, as in the case of other non-physicians, that they either work under medical supervision or make “measurements”.

There awaits many exciting tasks in the coming year. Just an example: Can the Ultrasound also quality assured by picture documentation?

Lars Bolvig

President of DUDS

Electronic transmission of DUDS-messages

DUDS will in future be able to avail themselves of the possibility of electronic communication with the members in the form of e-mail via Medical Association Member registration.

We would therefore encourage you to check that you have a working e-mail address registered with the Danish Medical Association:

* If you have a working address is all probably ok

* On URwww.læ can you

-log in to “My URLæ” and check/change your email address

-use the link “Mail solutions from the Danish Medical Association” with answers to questions

* You can enter the desired email address for Dragan Ostojic, Medical Association registry, Tel 35448374,

Change in DUDS-laws

The Board of Directors has the desire to change/modernise DUDS laws, it applies to articles 5, 7 and 9. The current/existing laws can be seen on duds-website, where there also can be seen a proof version of the changes.

DUDS laws after the changes will be as follows:

  • 1 the name of the company is Danish Ultralyddiagnostisk Company (The Danish Society of Diagnostic Ultrasound).
  • 2 the company’s purpose is to promote theoretical and practical progress in the ultralyddiagnostiske area.
  • 3 the company is a quota Association and members of the Association shall be liable as follows for the Association’s creditors who may not realise it in the Association’s assets.
  • 4 the company is connected to the Danish Medical Company, the European Federation of Societies of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology and the World Federation of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology.
  • 5 the company shall comprise the following members:
    ordinary members
    foreign members
    Honorary members
    corporate members

As ordinary member can be included anyone who knows his business contributes to the company’s purpose.
Ordinary medical members are also members of Danish Medical Company.
Ordinary members can be recorded upon written request to the Board of Directors.
Foreign members may be included on a proposal by the Board of Directors. Honorary members may be appointed and included following a proposal by a unanimous Board of Directors. Companies can be incorporated as company members and thus be represented at meetings by the company’s employees, which may also have an opportunity to demonstrate the compliance of technical news and the like. Companies ‘ employees can not be absorbed as regular members.
Each Member has one vote at general meetings.
Membership is valid for the calendar year.
The company may, on a proposal from the Board of Directors-in exceptional circumstances grant regular members quota for freedom.
Honorary members are quota free.
A member can be excluded by the company by written secret Chairman decided by the general Assembly. To exclusion required 2/3 majority.

  • 6 the company is managed by a Board of Directors that is elected among the members at the annual general meeting and works from the following 1. June. The Board consists of 6 people: the President, the next President, immediately departed President, Secretary, Treasurer and a member without portfolio. As an observer at Board meetings participant editors of the Association’s magazine and website. By a tie vote counts in connection with the President’s voice double. The President is elected for a term of 6 years total: Two years as next President, 2 years as President, and immediately departed 2 years as President. In addition, the Board of Directors constitutes itself. Other Board members are elected for 2 years at a time. Immediate re-election may take place once. A member who has served on the Board for 4 years, can only nyvælges to the Board of Directors, when at least two years have elapsed since the last mandate. However, can a member of the incumbent Board immediately elected President, as described above. At the annual general meeting elected one auditor and one alternate auditor, as well as an alternate member to the Board of Directors, who may attend the Board meetings without the right to vote. Re-election can take place.
  • 7 the Board may establish committees for the treatment of cases of particular interest to members. Members should immediately be made aware of their composition and terms of reference.

The Board appoints representatives to the Danish Medical Company and the European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology of (EFSUMB). The representatives shall be appointed for a period of four years at a time.

  • 8 to be held at least one scientific meeting per year
  • 9 annual general meeting will be held in the period March-april. An extraordinary general meeting may be convened by the Board of directors or through this, when at least five regular members demand so in writing and at the same time indicates the subject of negotiation.

All general meetings shall be convened by the Board of Directors with at least 10 days ‘ notice and stating the agenda. The call can be made in writing (by mail) or electronically. By electronic call agenda must be advertised on the Association’s website and distributed to the members (whose e-mail address is registered in the Medical Association’s Member registry) as email.

The General Assembly has a quorum when it is legally heralded.

At the general meeting and by the Chairman has only regular members the right to vote. In matters relating to Danish Medical Company has only medical members the right to vote.

The vote shall be made in writing and in secret, if just one of the ordinary members are demanding it. All matters are decided by a simple majority vote, unless otherwise specified in the laws. In the event of a tie the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

Single issues may of the Board or by the general Assembly referred to the decision by the Chairman.

By Chairman required a simple majority.
The annual general Assembly agenda should include the following points:

  1. Choice of conductor

2 presentation of the Chairman’s report

  1. Presentation of the audited financial statement
  2. Determination of the size of the quota for the following year.
  3. Election of Chairman of the Board (usually every two years)
  4. The election of the other members of the Board of Directors
  5. Choice of Auditor and Auditor alternate.
  6. Where appropriate,
  • 10 Changes in the laws may be ordinary or extraordinary general meetings, according to proposals for legislative amendments in writing is sent to the members at the general Assembly’s request.

Adoption of amendments to the law requires that more than half of the company’s ordinary members are present at the general meeting, as well as to at least 2/3 of the votes cast are in favour of the proposal. If less than half of the regular members are present, the issue must be sent in writing to the Chairman or exposed to a the following general Assembly. In both cases, the decision shall be taken by a simple majority vote.

  • 11 the dissolution can be adopted only by written Chairman among all regular members and only with at least 2/3 majority for dissolution.
DUDS accounts 2008
Revenue Subtotal total
quota 485 paying 194,070
courses and congresses 24,800
sponsorships 10,000
GE ad in magazine 10,000
Total revenue 228,870
Board meetings 13,160
DUDS meetings 2,601
efteråesmøde 07, catering 2,601
EFSUMB meetings 3,783
HHH Lecture, Nis Nørgård 3,783
EFSUMB member fee 573 members á 8 Eur, 4584 Eur 34,287 34,287
UMB subscription, Thieme 121,145
4 PCs (2007), eur 115.76 894
557 paragraph, eur 16,119.58 120,251
DUDS members ‘ magazine 46,642
website and internet 1,629
Travel Scholarships 4,505
Secretary 665
div bank expenses 743
Total expenditure 229,160
Result -290
matrimonial property
assets per 31.12.2007 842765
non-realis. Exchange rate losses Act inv 127297
profit for the year -290
yield of inv Association 29100
interest earned on bank account 23803
Fortune pr 31.12.2008 768081
bank account per 31.12.2008 698014
securities depot 31.12.08 70067
HHH Fund accounts
revenue 0
donations 43,500
profit for the year -43,500
matrimonial property
assets per 31.12.2007 85,331
interest and dividends 2,591
profit for the year -43,500
Fortune pr 31.12.2008 44,422
matched pr 31.12.2008
April 17, 2009