Hans Henrik Holm

From EFSUMB web page:
EFSUMB NEW Honorary Member
Professor Hans Henrik Holm-Denmark

Despite having his doctorate in urology Hans Henrik Holm has managed to achieve a status as a pioneer of ultrasound. Hans Henrik Holm is a well-known member of the international society for Ultrasound Imaging. He has played a very important role in the development of both fundamental ultrasound technology and different applications. With Hans Henrik Holm as President The Danish ultrasound hosted WFUMB in 1991 in Copenhagen, and since 1979 he has been President for eight international congresses on Interventional ultrasound. From the late ' 60s he entered ultrasound examination creation. At the first meeting in 1968 in Vienna WFUMB he presented the first experimental model of a gray-scale scanner, and he was among the first to develop and introduce dynamic ultrasound examination. Hans Henrik Holm is the founder of Interventional ultrasound, ultrasound guided drainage URf.eks, biopsies, and implantation of radioactive grains. Being the first to combine transrektal scanning with Interventional techniques, he showed the way to intraluminal scanning. Further, he has invented the ultrasound guided ESWL, developed a number of transducers for different applications, and experimented with micro-transducers. He has always shown a positive attitude towards ultrasound interested colleagues from around the world, and hence his hospitality has resulted in hundreds of visitors to the Division. Therefore, the Department has developed in an atmosphere of new ideas and different opinions on ultrasound examination.



July 12, 2016