General Assembly in DUDS, 25-01-2017

Minutes of the DUDS general meeting on Wednesday the 25th. January 2017
  1. Selecting the route
    Christian Nolsøe was elected conductor and Caroline Ewertsen as Rapporteur.
  2. Presentation of the President's report
    The Association has a new website and new webmaster is Peter. Members are very welcome to contact the Webmaster if they find any errors or omissions on the site.
    A total of 4 travel grants are awarded to DUDS members. The autumn meeting was held in Odense – thanks to Ole Abhilash for arranging it and putting together an exciting program, and thanks to Charlotte Senthilkumar and Merete K for arranging the spring meeting in Århus.
    Thanks to Torben Lorentzen, who has sat as a DUDS delegate in EFSUMB. This item shall be carried forward by the Chairman and the outgoing president as alternates.
    Christian Nolsøe is the future president of WFUMB and Michael Bachmann Nielsen and Caroline Ewertsen sits in the publication committee in EFSUMB.
  3.  Information about WFUMB Activities
    Thank you to Christian Nolsøe for an exciting post on WFUMB's work.
  4. Presentation of the audited accounts for 2016
    The accounts are approved by the auditor and approved by the general meeting.
  5. Quota fixing
    The Board of directors proposes the quota unchanged (450 KR annually) – adopted.
  6. Election to the board
    Andreas Brandt is elected Secretary-welcome. Treasurer Mikkel S Dam, Sonografmedlem Malene Roland Vilstrup Pedersen and alternate Jo Waage are all reselected.
    The Board of Directors thanks Thomas F. Bendtsen for his efforts as secretary of the last 4 years.
  7. Choice of auditor and auditor Alternate.
    Nikolaj Borg Mogensen and Mette Charlotte Mark Lund are reselected
  8. ,
    Information about CECLUS (Århus) and future cooperation with practitioners at Lars
    Then discussion on the subject. You agree to set up a working group in cooperation with DRS in order to draw up a position paper on the competences of general medicine within UL, including education and training.
November 13, 2017