General Assembly in Duds, 17-01-2019

Minutes of the annual general meeting of the duds 2019 D. 17/1 a.m. 17.00 the

Københavns Uni, Panum Institut, Blegdamsvej 3b, 2200 KBH N.
  1. Selection of conductor.

Bjørn Skjoldbye was elected.

Choice of referent was Malene Roland Pedersen.

  1. Annual report by Mr Søren R. Rafaelsen – See

Duds has a solid economy where spending and revenue are in balance.

DRS and duds continue to work closely together on practical issues, such as joint Imaging GF Day and January meeting, common professional positions and consultation responses to the Danish Health and Medicines Agency etc.

Hans Henrik Holm's lesson at Euroson 2018 in Poznan was held by Kristoffer Lindskov Hansen, thanks to Kristoffer.

The autumn meeting was held at Herlev Hospital. Thank you to Peter Thielsen for the event.

Euroson 2019 is held in Granada, Spain, from D. 30. May – 1. June.

The magazine is reduced to a physical release annually. Replaced by increased communication via the website. Thanks to the editors Thomas and René and welcome to the new editor Malene.

  1. Information on Efsum/WFUMB activities.

Christian Nolsøe's Chairmanship for Wfumb ends in 2019. Thanks to Christian for a great international effort, which is rounded off with a wfumb/duds point-of care ultrasonic course on the Faroe Islands, 20-21 June 2019, with international lecturers from Wfumb's excecutive board.

Efsumb is working on a renewal with a greater focus on professional benefits for members, and less free access to teaching materials, Guideines etc for non-members, FEKs, by making restrictions on access to parts of the EFSUMB website for Non-members.

The Euroson Congress is considered to be reorganised every two years to increase the focus on content and participation of the members of the national companies.

  1. Presentation of the accounts for 2018. Dud's fortune is DKK 1,402,931.

Duds is a member of Efsumb and we pay an annual contribution of 7 euros per duds member. We have a collective subscription to Ultraschall which annually costs approx 300 kr per member

The accounts (see annex) were approved.

The number of members is slightly decreasing, with 38 people registered and 26 persons registered in the last year. Current membership is 360.

  1. Election to the board of Directors

Sonograf Malene Roland Pedersen has been 4 years in the board and resigned. Sonographer and PHD student Karen Brage was selected as a new Sonographer board member.

Doctor Mikkel Dam resigned from the board.

Doctor of Education (ØNH) Tobias Todsen was elected to the board of directors.

Doctor Nikolaj Bejerrum Hancock was elected as an alternate.

See for the presentation of the new board.
Thank you to Malene and Mikkel for their work in duds board.

  1. Choice of Auditor

Nikolaj Borg received re-election

  1. The following proposals of the agenda under item 7 were finally approved.

A) duds will create an annual grant of up to 10,000 kr. To support a member's stay at an internationally recognised UL centre with the aim of gaining experience with new methods and technologies in the field of diagnostic and intervenal ultrasound. Ph.D student Duds members will have the presteps.

Further information, including application deadlines, will be posted on the duds website.

The proposal was adopted. No one voted against.

b) Duds will support the participation of younger members in Euroson Congresses. Up to 4 scholarships equivalent to the Early-Bird registration fee for participation in Euroson may be awarded annually. Further information, including application deadlines, will be posted on the duds website.

The proposal was adopted. No one voted against.

c) Duds will support duds members ' publications for the Ultrasound International Open. The members of the duds may apply for a refund of the publication fee to the Ultrasound International Open.  The proposal was adopted. No one voted against.

  1. Possibly

Communication on duds, use of media, differentiated continent, course offer, UL internships, etc. Actions aimed at increased member approach and member benefits were widely discussed and concluded with the agreement that the Board should look into these matters and it was decided that the Board should work to improve the approach to information and Communication on duds and duds activities on the website. Both update (Maintenance, timeliness, etc) and functional (structure, tabs, interaction with users, etc).


February 12, 2019