DUDS Introductory Course for Doctors, Sonographers, Nurses and Midwives

Danish Society for Diagnostic Ultrasound (DUDS)

Introductory course for doctors, sonographers, nurses and midwives


Tors. d. January 20, 2022, at 10:30 AM 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Drejergården, Roskildevej 38, 4330 Hvalsø

  Course management/secretariat:

Torben Larsen torbenlarsen@dadlnet.dk

Birgitte Ries Møller birgitteriesmoeller@gmail.com   Teachers:

Ida Näslund Thagaard, Ph.D.

Bjorn Skjoldby Chief Medical Officer

Torben Larsen, dr. med.



torbenlarsen@dadlnet.dk on a first come, first served basis by

Mon. d. December 20, 2021

Tel. 31 31 17 00

  Number of participants:

  1. 20



The course costs DKK 2400 includes course booklet, breakfast, lunch – coffee and fruit during the day.

Deposit upon deposit into account:


Reg. No. 3409 Account No. 11570836 Clearly indicating the student's name



08:30 Arrival – breakfast

09:00 Welcome, Introduction to today's program

Image orientation – what's up and what's down?TL

09:30 What is Ultrasound, buttonpology,

abdominal UL and clinical use BS

10:15 Live UL demonstration of small-group appliances learning the different functions.BS+IN+TL

11:15 Gynecology: Uterus, endometrium, salpinges, ovaries

Normal anatomy and physiology. PCOS TL

11:45 Gynecology: Ov. cysts, tumours, – 'Malignancy Index' (RMI),

Metastases, inflammations.TL

12:45 Lunch

13:45 Live UL survey (small teams and models where the student for the opportunity to scan)

14:45 Early grave. And pregnancy complications, bleeding, missed ab IN

Extrauterine tomb. Multiple pregnancy. Cervix Scan

15:45 Live UL survey (small teams and models where the student for the opportunity to scan)

16:45 Coffee

17:30 Multible choice (for those who wish),

Course certificate







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October 27, 2021