The CADUCEUS – language exchanges to Australia/New Zealand

The name is an acronym for CADUCEUS Collaborative Australasian Danish Undertaking for Continued Excellence in UltraSound and at the same time the name of the Greek god Hermes ‘ wand with the two wings and two snakes, which is a symbol of the medical profession. The CADUCEUS was officially instituted in connection with the “9th Congress on Interventional interventional ultrasound” which ASUM (insert link to ASUM) had sent a delegation make up of President David Rogers, Bulletin Editor Roger Davies and CEO Caroline Hong, view Member magazine august 2006 as well as the following PDF from ASUM magazine “Bulletin”

In January 2006, was the first Dane (doctor Christopher Brushøj) in Australia as part of the cooperation agreement (without link) between the DUDS and ASUM. In november 2006, it was the first visit in Denmark (physiotherapist Mary Langdale).

Behind the quirky name CADUCEUS lurking a collaboration between DUDS and ASUM (Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine).

Unfortunately, there is no longer an industrial sponsor supporting CADUCEUS activities, but the Board look favourably on requests for both active Congress participation and study visit in Australia. Cooperation between the two ultrasound societies had already given several DUDS-members an amazing experiences “down under” with ultrasound as the focal point.

You can send an application, addressed to the President:


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