General Assembly in DUDS, 26-04-2012

Thursday 26.04.2012 at 1700
Post-& tele museum, Købmagergade 37, 1012 Copenhagen K (after the spring meeting)

Report of proceedings
1.    Choice of conductor, Michael Bachmann was elected
2.    Presentation of the Chairman’s report, Torben Lorentzen Report was approved
3.    Presentation of the audited financial statement for the 2011 financial statements approved
4.    Quota setting. The Board is proposing the quota unchanged (450 us $ per year), account quota shall be set at the same amount Approved
5.    Proposal to amend the articles of Association: Board of Directors proposes that the DUDS laws be added (in section 2) as follows: the company is medically anchored and the Chairman of the Board of Directors must be doctor Approved (must be approved again by the next general Assembly in accordance with the articles of Association)
6.    Elections to the Board of Directors
(a).    Lars Bolvig resigns as outgoing President, Torben Lorentzen resigns as President and will be outgoing President, and Michel Payen’s Court will be Chairman of the Board of Directors
(b).    The Committee proposes election of Caroline Ewertsen as the new incoming President (from 2014) Approved
(c).    Charlotte Strandberg have been in 2 x 2 years and resigns, the Board proposes that the current Treasurer and an alternate member to the Board of Directors elected Grossjohann Danielle
(d).    The Board of Directors proposes by Ole K (DUDS ´ s magazine editor) elected new Deputy member Approved
7.    Choice of Auditor and accountant representative. The Board of Directors proposes re-election of Nicolaj Borg Mogensen and Mette Charlotte marklund. Approved
8.    Possibly There was a discussion on ultralydkurser and different organizational levels. The new course selection must work actively with this topic

MVH/Torben (reporter)

April 26, 2012