General Assembly in DUDS, 27-01-2016

Record DUDS General Assembly (d). 27. January 2016, Odense
  1.  Choice of conductor and reporter
    Søren r. Rafaelsen selected as conductor and Malene r. P as rapporteur.
  2. Chairmans report by Caroline Ewertsen
    The President thanked the two magazine editors Alexander Nygård and Andreas Brandt for their great work and welcomed the two new editors René Rasmussen (Silkeborg Hospital) and Thomas Hasseriis Andersen (Copenhagen University Hospital). Also thanks to our Web editor Peter Mills for his great work.
    Distributed 5 travel grants this year to Rune Wilkens, René R, Michel Payen's Court, Tobias Todsen and Andi Ipsen. All to active participation of the Congress.
    Set up a Committee under the DRS, which looks at guidance for intervention in patients in antithrombotic treatment in cooperation with the Danish society for Thrombosis and Hemostasis. In the Committee's consultant physicians Søren Torp-Pedersen, Hans Henrik T-M and Bo Nyhuus. Also sits above doctor Bjørn Skjoldbye with in an Advisory Committee under the health protection agency, which must assess whether screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm should be introduced.
    Christian Nolsøe is vice President of WFUMB.
    Delegated in EFSUMB is chief physician Torben Lorentzen.
    Professor Michael Bachmann N and senior medical officer Caroline Ewertsen is in Publication Committee in EFSUMB.
    Chief Medical Officer Søren Hancke and chief physician Flemming Jensen is appointed Honorary members in DUDS.
  3. Presentation of the audited financial statement for the year 2015 by Caroline Ewertsen
    Surplus on operating account at $ 27,000.
    Accounts are approved by the auditor and approved by the General Assembly.
  4. Quota setting
    The quota remains unchanged kr. 450.0-annually.
  5. Elections to the Board of Directors
    Chief Medical Officer Søren r. Rafaelsen elected as new next President. Bjørn Skjoldbye joins as Chairman of DUDS and Caroline Ewertsen as outgoing President.
    Michel Payen's Court resign from the Board after six years. The Board would like to thank on behalf of DUDS for his efforts.
  6. Choice of Auditor and Auditor alternate
    Nikolaj Borg Mogensen and Mette marklund is selected.
  7. Where appropriate.
    Management of assets of the DUDS. General agreement that current management of assets continues unchanged.
June 10, 2016