General Assembly in DUDS, 22-09-2017

Minutes Board meeting Friday, the fashion DUDS 22. September 2017

(Present bjã¸RN Skjoldbye, pure Rafaelsen, Malene Roland P, Craig and Caroline Ewertsen)

  1. Election of the rapporteur
    Caroline takes minutes
  2. Economy & member number
    Its membership has fallen a bit after the Danish Medical Association has been created new system where members can easily get an overview of what companies they are in. Currently member number a little over 400.
    The economy is good, and the Association has a tidy fortune. Mikkel paves the way for an investment of some of the funds, which are discussed.
  3. The website, alias addresses, IT
    There is currently a major problem particularly alias addresses, which often does not work.
    In addition, there have been problems with course update on the website.
    As the economy is good, ' man about to leave the update of the website for Suzanne Cain, Cosmos (UK) who have put the page up.
    Caroline contacts her. Then will switch to her made by the Secretary.
    B inform the current webmaster Peter Obel.
  4. DUDS magazine
    DUDS magazine discussed like boxes of documents that currently stands DUDS the past with Caroline. B will contact the Medical Museion and hear whether they may be interested in some of the documents.
  5. Scholarships
    Distribution of scholarships offered are discussed. There is consensus that the UL must be the object of the application, so that UL is a part of the primary scientific purposes. Caroline make draft website.
    In order to qualify for a scholarship, you must be a member of DUDS DUDS on the grant date.
    Reasoned application shall be addressed to the Board and shall be sent to the Secretary. There is no application deadline.
    Scholarship portions as support for Congress participation requires presentation of own scientific work.
    It is a prerequisite that the ultrasound part mainly in the scientific work (that it is ultrasound, which will be examined in the scientific work and not just applied).
    Scholarship portions to study assumes that the main purpose of the study the stay is to expand or improve their own ultralydkompetencer and/or participate in scientific work without prejudice. the above.
  6. Current focus areas
    UL and practitioners are discussed. Bear is in progress with a draft of a position paper and will send it around.
  7. Where appropriate.
    There is planned an sonograf session in connection with the annual meeting for January 2018
    The next meeting is in connection with DUDS DRS annual meeting in Odense 24.-26. January 2018 to be held together with the Danish society of Clinical Physiology and nuclear medicine and Radiograf Association.
November 6, 2017