General Assembly in DUDS, 24-01-2018

Minutes of DUDS Annual General Meeting 24 / 01-18 at the annual meeting in Odense.  

    • Election of the conductor.

    Peter Thielsen was elected as conductor. The chairman declared the General Meeting convened on time and the agenda is in accordance with the articles of association.

    • Presentation by Chairman Bjørn Skjodbye's Annual Report.

    Refer to Word document

    • Information about EFSUMB / WFUMB activities

    Refer to document under item 2.

    • Presentation of the audited financial statements for 2017.

    The accounts were presented by the Chairman and approved without remarks

    • quota Setting

    The quota will remain 450 kr. annually for all members.

    • Election to the Board.

    Deputy Jo Waage wanted to resign from the board. There should be a very big thank you to JO for the efforts in DUD's direction.

    Radiographer Karen Brage was nominated by the board as an alternate. Karen is a PhD student at OUH, SDU (Biomechanics) and UCL (University College Lillebælt, Radiograf-programmet). Karen teaches ultrasound and participated in the young investigator competition for Denmark at Euroson 2017.

    Karen was elected without a candidate.

    The resigned chairman Caroline Ewertsen resigned from the board after 6 years. A big thank you to Caroline for a very big effort in DUD's board.

    The Supervisory Board appointed Senior Doctor Peter Thielsen (PT) from the Gastro Unit in Herlev as future Chairman. PT has been a member of DUDS for 12 years. Has taught and held a speech in DUDS. PT is a specialist in medical hepatology and gastroenterology (2012) and deals with daily ultrasound primarily in the form of abdominal ultrasound including intervention, elastography, contrast and TRUS. PT is also in the Danish Gastro- and Hepatological Working Group for (better) implementation of ultrasound in gastro / hepatology.

    Peter was elected without a candidate.

    • Election of auditor and auditor's deputy.

    Rev. Nikolaj Borg Mogensen was re-elected.

    Auditor Deputy Mette Marklund was also re-elected but would like to withdraw if others want the job.

    • DUDS and DRS attitude toward the phasing-in of ultrasound in general medicine.

    The chairman presented an opinion paper and there was a good debate on the subject where there was broad agreement on the Board's draft.  The final position paper has not yet been submitted to DSAM.

    Reference is also made to the attached position paper prepared by DUDS and DRS.

  1. There were many good inputs for future actions in DUDS. The debate was characterized by the solidity of the DUDS economy and the wish to maintain / increase membership.

    It was agreed to provide more legends to cover annual fees for radiographers and younger doctors. Short motivated applications were invited.

    Legislative amounts were discussed in relation to DUD's increasing wealth and there was agreement to increase the allocations – ultrasound relevant activity, within an economic framework that does not exceed the return of DUD's assets. There was agreement to accommodate DUDS members and including to meet support amounts greater than the 5,000 kr have so far been the maximum amount of aid.

    Guidelines and conditions for Legat application should be updated and uploaded on the website.

    The Board of Directors will begin this.

    In addition, there was a proposal to cover registration fees for Euroson for board members. As the chairman is also delegated by the EFSUMB, his expenses are covered.

    In order to increase the membership of younger members, it was recommended that a larger lobbying effort be made among younger radiologists through social media. Including professional companies' websites and Facebook groups.

    It was proposed that, in the selection of the board, geography be considered to represent both the east and west regions.

    The DRS and DUD General Assembly is at the same time. There was a wish to push the DRS General Assembly so that you can participate in both.

    24 / 1-18 Judge Peter Thielsen

April 17, 2018