Intro course in acute abdominal ultrasound scan, including FAST and E-FAST

New date of 22 December 2005 November 2021

Organiser: Danish Ultrasonic Diagnostic Society (DUDS).

Time: Monday 22.11.2021 from 8.30am-4pm.

Location: Rigshospitalet. Section C.

Price: DKK 2,000, which includes lunch, water, coffee and cake.

Course Secretary: Linda Schumann, Radiological Clinic, Rigshospitalet, 2100 Copenhagen Island. tlf. 3545 3545.

Course management: Chief Medical Officer Hanne Grossjohan and Department Doctor Andreas Hjelm Brandt

Target group: Doctors and nurses/radiographers who see an ultrasound scanner for the first time and want to start scanning the most frequent guard-relevant acute condition in the abdomen. The course includes introduction to the FAST and Extended FAST trauma algorithm.

Content: Ultrasonic theory and use of an ultrasonic scanner, choice of transducer, Doppler, introduction to ultrasound scan in the following areas: Abdomen (gastro, agitation, retroperitoneum), accumulations/trauma (FAST and E-FAST). Plus 2-3 hours of practical exercises.

Course form: Lectures and practical exercises with the possibility to try out different ultrasound scanners.

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