General Assembly in DUDS, 01-04-2019

Minutes-DUDS Board Meeting D 1. May 2019 at UBN, Asyl Gade 3, 5000 Odense at. 17.00 the

Present: Søren Rafaelsen, Peter Thielsen, Bjørn Skjoldbye, Tobias Todsen, Karen Brage and Andreas Hjelm Brandt.

Moderator: Søren Rafaelsen

Referant: Andreas Hjelm Brandt


  • Banking situation (signature of documents).

The cashier still does not have access to the account because the account change from earlier to current Treasurer has not yet been completed. There is a lack of signatures from the entire board before the papers can be submitted to the doctor's pension bank. The meeting will be signed with the final papers and sent to the Treasurer (Tobias) shortly. There is an expectation that the account is available soon (end May).


  • What is used in the spring 2019

Expenditure so far in the year 2019 is the EFSUMB quota and expense from the webmaster.

Upcoming expenses in 2019 will be 3 scholarships a 5000KR, 1 travel Scholarship a 5000kr (Hanne Grossjohann), printing costs and shipping/postage for Member magazine shipping


  • EFSUMB Quota 2019

The price for the quota is unchanged at EUR 7 per DUDS member approx. 20,000 KR with current membership of 365 members. One of the high costs for DUDS is the cost of Thieme (Ultraschall-European Journal of Ultrasound), where the bill amounts to approx. DKK 100,000 The need for a printing blade is discussed for all members. Alternatively, it could be an electronic subscription that could significantly reduce these costs.  We agree to take it up to the next General Assembly. In addition, it will be discussed with former chairman Caroline Ewertsen, editor of Ultraschalls under the blade Ultrasound Open


  • Affiliate Membership?

Bjørn has had a telephone meeting on 29/4-2019 with the other European countries ' affiliates in EFSUMB. Three solutions have been discussed for membership of the EFSUMB: 1. Full Member National Society, 2nd Affiliate Member National Society, 3rd Individual membership. (see attached). Søren Rafah will attend a future meeting, where this point will be discussed further. DUDS will remain neutral.


  • DUDS annual grant with an amount up to 10,000 kr (announcement?)

DUDS has decided to create an annual grant with an amount up to DKK 10,000. To support a member's stay at an internationally recognised UL centre with the aim of gaining experience with new methods and technologies in the field of diagnostic and intervenal ultrasound. Ph.D student Duds members will have the presteps. Peter will design a text to advertise for this, which will be posted on the website. Application deadline is set to 1. December.

Bjørn says he lacks a total budget for scholarships.

  • Four scholarships equivalent to the Early-Bird registration fee for participation in Euroson (application deadlines?)

DUDS has decided to support the participation of younger members in Euroson Congresses. Up to 4 scholarships equivalent to the Early-Bird registration fee for participation in Euroson may be awarded annually. Further information, including application deadlines, will be posted on the duds website. Peter will design a text that will be on the DUDS website. Application deadline is 5. January 2019 to Euroson in Bergen, 11-13 June 2020.


  • Dissemination of social media research by DUDS members.

To ensure a greater knowledge of DUDS among younger ones decided to create a Facebook page where all board members will be able to edit. Karen will stand for the creation.


  • Thorshavn Meeting-New

In addition, there are 42 registered for the meeting and are expected to reach 50 entries.  Max number of participants is 70. The meeting will be carried out.


    • Mikkel Seidelin Dam (outgoing treasurer) must have a wine-growing. Former board member Malene Roland Pedersen will take care of it.
    • New board meeting will be the 25/10-2019 in connection with DUDS after the year's meeting in Vejle. Time and place will be announced on the website later.
    • Tobias states that all mail with orientations and upcoming decisions must go to the entire board.
    • Peter says – How is DUDS bigger? The possibility of discounted rates is discussed if you are a DUDS member. In addition, the creation of more thesis specific courses is discussed.




May 13, 2019